Monday, October 22, 2012

ugggh I can’t decide on a cover!! Which ones works better?? I think I’m leaning towards the simple one (the 2nd one) but idk my eyeballs hurt 

I didn’t realize how hard drawing a cover is because I’ve actually never actually gotten that far ever never ever 


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  2. naaami said: the second one is mroe eye-catching but idk, could maybe do with a bit of altering. judging them both strictly as they are, the second one is the stronger piece. more concise and clean.
  3. ashwara said: I like the second one!!!! they both look great though
  4. ivanandthewolf said: I feel like the minimalism in the bottom one is more memorable and easy to read (:
  5. no60 said: I vote for the bottom one. <3
  6. mason-elliott said: I really like the first one!
  7. cheezhayama said: i like the second one better!
  8. cottonbook said: Augh… I also think they both look really good… The second one is a little more traditional, though, so if you wanted something a bit more original, the first one might be the way to go, but if you want something tried and true…
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  11. byelliem said: I like the second :)
  12. naniiebim said: oh! nice :)
  13. che-seri said: 2nd definitely!
  14. cyfix said: The 2nd one, the first one looks more like the picture at the back of the book,haha
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    I really love the second option
  16. jossupappa said: I think that the second is better. :) The first is too full and it’s harder to focus on anything.
  17. meid2go said: loving the bottom one Mai!
  18. lindafong said: ahhh these are both really beautiful!! I think the 1st one has a more interesting composition but the 2nd one reads easier to me :)
  19. super-owl said: I think the 2nd cover works better!
  20. idiacanthidae said: Oooh, Mai, these are both so pretty and interesting! I agree that the second one reads best immediately. The first one has some very interesting elements, though; I just love those waves, and the positioning of her head and legs is intriguing! *o*
  21. 304am said: i vote for the first one 8)
  22. awesomebeaudu said: definitely the second one, much less clutter and easier for the eyes to read
  23. icecreamtornado said: I like the composition in the second one better, its nice and simple.
  24. lighthousebeams said: This is gorgeous. <3 Also, personally, I like the second one for the cover, but the first is beautiful as well.
  25. arb0real said: The first if her head was higher up and maybe her torso was in it too?? But the second as is
  26. esclavaun said: I like the second one better (more centralised) but the first one could work if her head/face wasn’t so far from the centre of the picture.
  27. discussion-yamada said: 2nd
  28. annabd said: I think I’d say the 2nd one as well, even though I really really like the composition of the first one!! Ahhh, can’t wait to see more of this.
  29. kittenish said: I think the second one! it’s much more focused and has more impact because of that, I think.
  30. monotremata said: asldkfj they both look really nice to me ;___; I really like the way you draw waves but I guess I like the 2nd one better? The title stands out a little more I think uwu